GoFactoryShop aims to bring to the Indian market a bouquet of stylish and quality smart accessories ranging from data cables, earphones, ear pods, Bluetooth chargers, Fit Bands and smartwatches that will be majorly produced in India and sold to Indians. In the long run, this will change the way we look at technology and how the world looks at us when it comes to technology.

We are a group of young, ambitious and chilled-out people working to make a range of quality and classy gadgets available to a boy living in the suburbs in the same way we would make it available to a girl in the metros. We target the entire country and hope to build and grow together. And this is because we understand that sometimes, it is necessary to kill the stereotype and break the pattern.

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GoFactoryShop spark and let your confidence speak on your behalf. Keep your smart devices charged and on the move with GoFactoryShop cables, travel adaptors & power banks and more. Each product embodies your inner power which makes you stand out of the crowd.


Give a new definition to GoFactoryShop entertainment with wired and Bluetooth earphones, and aux cables. Let yourself loose, groove to the beats in a carefree manner and declare your musical taste unapologetically.



Live GoFactoryShop style, leave your mark, and flaunt your inner spark with stunning smartphone accessories which will leave a lasting impression on everyone. After all, being GoFactoryShopself is what makes you special!

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